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This is a list of all projects I've ever done, whether personally or while at any of my work stints, reverse chronologically ordered (latest first).

  • Annenberg Media Games 🎲
    • Created a mini-game using Javascript, HTML, and Bootstrap, with DALL·E 3 pixel art for Climate Action Day 2023.
  • Hither 🕸️
    • Platform to help international students & immigrants transition between countries.
  • Business Search Tool, using Yelp API 🔍
  • [GrowthX] Elevate : Encouraging a growth mindset 📈
    • Built a Chrome extension ↗ to deliver motivational quotes for GrowthX members.
    • Used contribution tracking for GrowthX members for quote submissions, along with responsive design principles to suit all supported devices.
  • Netflix alt : Video Streaming Platform 🍿
    • (add-ons: Preview generator, Custom video player)
    • Built a web app closely inspired by Netflix and other content streaming services.
    • First sprint: Built the basic layout and styling for the homepage, video player page with mock data.
    • Second sprint: Compiled movie and web series data into a PostgreSQL database, with their migrations.
    • Third sprint: Built a Bootstrap-based UI for administrators, for managing database entries (think phpMyAdmin but better looking).
    • Fourth sprint: Added support for Google Cast, to cast playable media to Chromecast-enabled devices.
    • Fifth sprint: Added "continue watching" feature, to save and resume playback from user's last view timestamp stored per active title.
    • Sixth sprint: Added Telegram notifications on user logins instead of SMS, as a security measure.
    • Seventh sprint: Enabled automatic deployments to a Linux VM using Github Actions.
    • Eighth sprint: Built a serverless Next.js service running on Vercel, to generate preview images for titles for social media sharing.
    • Ninth sprint: Made on a custom video player natively supporting Google Cast, modified subtitle styling, playback sync and media controls using Media Session API.
  • GRE / TOEFL Learning Tools ✏️
    • Built a writing tool ↗ for the GRE Analytical Writing section, with a timer and on-screen Cut, Paste, and Undo functions with Materialize CSS. It can even be used for the TOEFL for writing practice. Honestly, it "looks" much better than the one ETS uses in the real test.
    • Made a Telegram chat bot for revising words for the GRE Verbal section fetched from a word bank, while maintaining per-user history for recently shown words using MongoDB.
  • Dental Credentialing System 🦷
    • Built an automatic authentication & onboarding system ↗ in a team of 4 for incoming dentists at PGS USA, for Principal Global Ltd. as part of Imagine Hackathon 2020.
    • Data was verified against US government medical dental data for freshness, while our API parsed queries to async-authenticate it.